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Okay. We are bad people. Certainly anyone who DID read this comic has likely noticed that we haven't updated in a freaking long time. Shonen Chikara IS coming back. We will offer no lame excuses - everyone's busy. So, to make a long story short - we are not setting a definite date to return. But we are!! So, for anyone who still occasionally visits... yes. Shonen Chikara is returning in all its boy-powery glory... or not. For now, fart and smile.

This is a picture of a watercolor we did awhile back. So it's a picture of a picture, and not the best quality. But we liked how it turned out, so ... here. Look at it. Ooh.

We accept guest strips at any time. You can send them in whenever and we'll interrupt our regularly scheduled program to show everyone your work. And we'll credit you, too. Special, ne?


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